IMSS in CDMX has only two beds available for general hospitalization Covid-19

Hospitals of the IMSS in CDMX who cater to Covid-19 patients, only have two beds available for general care, according to Monday’s report from the Government of Mexico City.

In the document Report January 4, published by the CDMX Government on the portal, it is indicated that in the capital there is an availability of 998 general hospital beds for Covid-19 care.

Of these, the IMSS only has two beds available and the rest is distributed among other institutions such as the Ministry of Health (278 beds), the ISSSTE (with 95 beds), Sedesa (147), private hospitals (167), Sedena (458 ) and in Pemex hospitals (18).


While in the case of beds available for intubation, the CDMX Government reported that there is an availability of 316.
183 beds in the IMSS, 40 in the ISSSTE, 30 in the Ministry of Health, 30 in the Sedesa, 64 in private hospitals, 24 in Sedena, 4 in Pemex and 5 in Semar.


Also in the interactive map of the portal, it is observed that of the IMSS hospitals in CDMX, only that of Specialties 01 CMN Siglo XXI has average availability of beds for general hospitalization.

In the case of IMSS hospitals with beds available in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), those that show high availability son:

-Hospital De Pediatria 01 (Cdmx Sur) SIGLO XXI (BJ)
-Hospital General De Zona C / Mf 29 (S. Juan Aragón)
-Hospital De Infectologia 01 (Cdmx Norte) La Raza (AZC)
-Hospital General 02 (South Cdmx) Villa Coapa (COY.)


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