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IMSS doctors protest for Covid vaccines

The year 2021 came with protests from the Health sector. At 8:00 a.m. yesterday, members of the National Union of Health Workers in Mexico demonstrated in front of the La Raza National Medical Center, which belongs to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), to denounce that the vaccine against Covid has not been applied exclusively to personnel who in the last 10 months have treated Covid patients, considered the “first line of battle”.

On Vallejo Avenue, Rafael Soto Cruz, a nurse at the Siglo XXI National Medical Center and leader of the union added that the government promised Covid bonds, but not all health professionals have received them.

On the Vallejo road, members of the National Union of Health Workers in Mexico demonstrated. Photo: Carlos Mejía. THE UNIVERSAL.

“In her message yesterday, Zoé Robledo spoke of the campaign with vaccines, that first the operational personnel and then the officials, those who are at their desks, those who make politics and get rich with the tenders, those are vaccinated and you have to report, ”he said.

Soto Cruz explained that they decided to protest in La Raza because it is one of the hospitals with the most contagions among health personnel, and because it is necessary to start the year “in a fight” to avoid labor abuse. During the protest, he took the opportunity to deliver protective equipment to workers who were leaving work.

“Come colleagues, take what you need, there are goggles, gowns, surgical boots, protective equipment will always be necessary, that does save lives, come closer, partner, do not be afraid to report because only then will injustices end” , he emphasized.

In front of gift boxes, others in the shape of a coffin and with cardboard with legends such as: “2,300 deaths in health personnel”; “Covid bonus, where is it?”, And “Protective team yes, applause no”, the union leader called Ana Paola de Cosío Farías, pediatric endocrinologist who worked at the Pediatric Hospital of the Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI by phone , and who allegedly resigned because they did not administer the Covid vaccine and wanted him to continue treating patients with coronavirus, although there were already other immunized workers, in order to make his story public.

IMSS workers complained to the La Raza National Medical Center that the government promised Covid bonuses, but not all health professionals have received them.

“My anger at this time is that the front line personnel are not vaccinated, because only the health of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the personnel is put at risk, such as orderlies and quartermaster who are on the front line. I started working at the IMSS in April, and only once did they give me a Covid bonus. In the area where I worked, one of my fellow nurses was not vaccinated ”, he assured.

The doctor stressed that although front-line personnel are being vaccinated, there are many who make up the Covid teams, so she asked that the doses that have arrived in Mexico be distributed among the personnel who treat patients with coronavirus.

“The doses are limited and apply to personnel who are not on the front line, when the vaccine will reach personnel who are in other states. Let it be known that people who are not on the front line are being vaccinated and that something be done so that the antidote really reaches those who are at greater risk ”, he stressed.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) reported that the hospital where Dr. Cosío Farías worked was not Covid and highlighted that the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is being applied in a first stage to health workers who participate in Covid hospitals.

“By protocol, all personnel who are in the front line of battle are still vaccinated and the vaccination of medical personnel who directly care for coronavirus patients is expected to conclude in January,” he reported.

He added that internal investigations will be carried out in order to determine if there is any type of influence to prepare the lists of the personnel who are vaccinated and stressed that the missing payments to the medical personnel will be managed in a timely manner by Covid bonus.

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