IMSS doctor resigns due to irregularities in vaccination

The doctor accused that people who do not attend the pandemic are vaccinated.

Mexico.- One medical of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) resigned from his job and accused that the frontline workers of the pandemic are not being immunized, and instead the coronavirus vaccine to administrative staff who do not attend Covid-19.

The doctor explained in video who works at the Hospital de Pediatría of the Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI and accused that she resigned from her position due to “gandallism” and threats from her superiors who wanted to accuse her of abandoning work for asking that the administratively vaccinated now face the pandemic.

In addition to this, the doctor explained that only one occasion received the so-called “covid bonus” granted to those who care for people with this disease. He even said that other colleagues have never seen him.

The doctor said that once again she had been assigned to the respiratory area despite the fact that there are vaccinated personnel who can do these tasks, but at the suggestion she was threatened.

This was classified as inequity by the authorities by the worker.

“Now it turns out that we do not appear on the vaccination lists when there are administrative personnel who are receiving the vaccine arguing that they are in charge of covid teams, but they never get in or are never exposed”IMSS Physician.

Coronavirus in Mexico as of December 31

On this December 31, the last day of the year, there were 125 thousand 807 total deaths from Covid-19 coronavirus and one million 426 thousand 94 confirmed cases, according to the authorities.

There are also 59,958 active cases in the country and 1 million 74 thousand 795 people recovered from the disease.

Today 910 new deaths and 12,159 new cases of Covid-19 were reported. This December 31 there was no health conference, but the cases were data to be known in a statement, as happened on December 25.

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