IMSS. 42 members of Operation Chapultepec from Sonora arrive in CDMX

Coming from Hermosillo, Sonora, 42 members of the Operation Chapultepec, to strengthen care for patients with Covid-19.

The medical personnel who arrived in the capital is headed by Edgar Zitle García, head of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Sonora.

The representative of the IMSS in Sonora, pointed out that the 42 people form a first contingent that will arrive in the capital of the country and another six members left for Baja California, an entity that also remains at a risk traffic light at its highest level.

Zitle García pointed out that the group that she will support in Mexico City is made up of 26 doctors and 16 nursing members; 50% are men and 50% are women.

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“In Hermosillo we also have problems, but we know that the problem is stronger here and that is why we have come to support them,” he said.

Regarding the distribution of personnel in the hospitals in which they will support, the state representative of Social Security indicated that the members of this contingent will be assigned to hospitals in the north of the city and to the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome.

The activities will be carried out from Monday to Friday and others will help on weekends, in addition to adjusting to the schedules stipulated in the hospitals to which they are assigned.

When questioning the state head of the IMSS if it is expected that the members of Sonora are scheduled to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, he indicated that he is not sure, but vaccinated or will not support what is necessary.

“We come to help, we come to add, we come to support the people of Mexico City and because we hope that if we ever need help, the people from here will help us, because we are the same Institute, we are the same country” noted Edgar Zitle

Through social networks, the IMSS wished them “the best of luck” and thanked “the enormous work they do.”

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