Impressive storm in San Miguel de Tucumán: the water dragged cars that were parked on the street

A car is dragged by the current in the middle of the storm that hit San Miguel de Tucumán

An impressive storm hit San Miguel de Tucumán during the night of this Monday and significant floods were registered to the point that the water covered, and even dragged, the cars that were parked on the street, as could be seen in the videos that some people from this city recorded and that circulated on social networks.

According to what the local media reported, the storm was felt most strongly in the surroundings of this provincial capital, where it caused some material damage to both vehicles and private homes.

“It is a very intense rain, whose epicenter was concentrated in the metropolitan area. It was particularly important in Yerba Buena, in Tafí Viejo, in the Las Talitas area, and in Alderetes; in the north of the province not so much, although it did rain ”, explained the head of the Provincial Civil Defense Directorate (DC), Fernando Torres, to the newspaper La Gaceta.

According to the official, “the intensity” of the phenomenon “caused all the streets to be flooded; particularly in the capital area ”. In fact, the area between 24 de Septiembre street and Bernabé Aráoz avenue, a place that usually floods, this time was practically submerged again.

Bernabé Aráoz avenue, covered by water
Bernabé Aráoz avenue, covered by water

The rain began to fall around 8:00 p.m. as predicted by the National Meteorological Service (SMN) and continued into the early hours of Tuesday. According to the first data released, it would be about 100 millimeters that were accumulated in just over two hours, although the figure could be even higher, since the yellow alert remained in the region.

As a result of the rainfall, from the almost 36 degrees high that was recorded in the afternoon, the temperature dropped rapidly and reached 23 degrees during the night. The SMN announced that the bad weather will continue throughout Tuesday.

Given this situation, the authorities decided to open a center for evacuees in the municipality of Las Talitas, in the north of San Miguel de Tucumán, and assistance is being provided in the most affected places, although at the moment there were no serious injuries.

The storm produced material damage, mainly in the vehicles that were parked on the street

“In the middle of the city, on avenues, you can see the water at a great height. Canals overflowed, especially those of the south, which receive water from the mountain. In other places it has also rained significantly, but not in this way. It is an exceptional rain ”Torres added, in dialogue with the TN channel.

One of the videos that circulated on social networks shows a cadet from a delivery company who was caught by the current next to her motorcycle, for which he had to be assisted by a man and two security guards, who were at the scene and who tried to get him out of the water. “Make it as viral as possible so that everyone can see that we go out to work and risk a lot of situations,” wrote one of the colleagues of this delivery girl, author of the recording in question.

The young woman had to be assisted by three people to get out of the water

Another of the films that were known is that of a young man who also had to be rescued after being dragged by the water in the middle of the street. The boy traveled several meters until he could reach high ground and be safe.

On the other hand, it was also seen a taxi driver who had to flee his vehicle through the passenger window, before the drastic rise in the current at the corner of Avenida Roca and 9 de Julio, where it was parked.

In the garage of a well-known local supermarket, the cars were completely covered. In addition, there were also floods in the Zenón Santillán Health Center Hospital, one day before the date scheduled for the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign.

“It is one of the most important hospitals. I have no information on whether he was going to get vaccinated here. The reality is that it has been impacted and the water, especially in the underground areas, has been a big problem, “Torres explained in this regard.

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