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imbalance in the National Interconnected System

The National Center for Energy Control (Prices) announced that there was an imbalance in the interconnection system and to minimize risks, the blackout.

In a tweet, Cenace reported that at 2:28 p.m. downtown there was an “imbalance in the National Interconnected System between load and power generation, causing a loss of approximately 7,500 MW, which is why the automatic protection schemes were activated. with the aim of minimizing a greater risk ”.

The Federal Electricity Commission assured that it was not a distribution or transmission problem. However, Cenace assured that it did have to do with power generation, since 7,500 megawatts were no longer received, which caused an imbalance in the interconnection system that caused the blackout.

In the tweet they added: “@CENACEMexico is working in a coordinated manner on the restoration together with @CFEmx. We will be reporting on this reestablishment process on an ongoing basis ”.

The blackout affected various neighborhoods and municipalities in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, Jalisco, among others.


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