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Images showing the heartbreaking coronavirus crisis in India

India has seen a huge increase in COVID-19 cases in recent days, with hospitals in the capital and across the country forced to turn away patients after running out of oxygen and beds.

There are few ambulances equipped with oxygen and it becomes increasingly difficult for families to transport patients to hospitals, even when they find a bed.

The situation is particularly drastic in the capital New Delhi, where many people have died from lack of oxygen.

Others are not admitted to hospitals that are collapsed and health workers are exhausted.

Crematories can’t keep up

The devastating effects are evident in the images that arrive from crematoria across the country: anguished families wait for hours to perform the funeral rites and mass cremations must be carried out since cities no longer have space to honor the dead.

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Journalists in several cities have disputed the official figures, after spending days outside the crematoriums to count the dead. According to their calculations, they estimate that in some cities deaths are ten times what is being reported.

The Gujarati Service of the BBC reported last week that a crematorium in the city of Surat, Gujarat state, was lit for so long that the heat began to melt part of its chimney. The authorities have not yet readjusted their figures.

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