“I’m not getting into that,” says AMLO about the coalition between Morena, PT and the Green Party

When asked if the coalition between Morena, Labor Party and Green Party shares ideals, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He replied that he does not want to get involved in that, besides that it does not correspond to him.

“I’m not getting into that, I have talked about how, at the end of the day, the parties that dominated the country for a long time had an owner. There is a group, it continues to exist, dwindled, not economically but politically, because they were the ones in charge and this is no longer the case in the country.

“This oligarchic group used one party or another according to what was convenient for it. If one party wore out, it turned to the other to make it appear that there were changes, it was what is called Gatopardismo, “said the President, referring to the alliance between PAN-PRI and PRD.

He denounced that in 2006 and 2012, parties united against him, while in 2018 they sought to do the same “and fortunately they did not agree.”

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“That’s why they say they want to return, I say yes, they return but what was stolen,” he declared when denouncing corruption and cases like that of Odebrecht.

López Obrador added that when presenting the PAN-PRI and PRD alliance, Claudio X. González I was there. “Who is the boss then?” He questioned.

“People were deceived a lot into believing that they were different, one party and the other. And I always said they were the same, “he said.

“I want them to calm down, that we end the year in peace,” said President López Obrador, noting that he will release a report on “all the robberies that were committed.”

“I have been for more than two years and I am still learning about things, because it was the entire Government,” he said.


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