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Illegal fortune in bitcoins detected in Germany and equivalent to millions of euros disappears

The equivalent of millions of euros in the cryptocurrency bitcoin, a fortune confiscated from a drug dealer in Landau, Germany, has almost completely disappeared. Koblenz Attorney General J├╝rgen Brauer announced Tuesday that the account holding that amount had been nearly emptied at the end of 2019.

As the money laundering investigations are still ongoing, authorities did not provide further information on whether the convicted merchant or someone else could have been responsible for the almost complete emptying of the account. Researchers are said to have no access to the seized bitcoin account due to lack of knowledge of the required password, as well as lack of technical resources to crack it.

The “Rheinpfalz” newspaper reported that the Landau district court sentenced the trafficker and account owner to almost 15 years in prison in 2017 because, according to the judges, he had established one of the largest online illegal drug stores in Germany, called “Chemical Love”.

As the trial progressed, the price of bitcoin rose considerably. The “Rheinpfalz” spoke of an “Internet treasure” that had disappeared and was now theoretically worth around 20 million euros.

Just defining how much the defendant owes to the State is a legally complicated matter, acknowledged the prosecution in charge of the case.

EL (dpa)

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