Madrid, Apr 3 (EFE) .- The leader of the PSC and former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, on Saturday accused the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of an “evident lack of loyalty” to the Government, which “has been accentuated throughout this pandemic year ”.

Illa, who accompanied the socialist candidate for the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, and his number 2, Hana Jalloul, during a ceremony held at the Ferraz headquarters, stressed that the Madrid Executive “has not been loyal: Mrs. Ayuso it has been more focused on attacking the Government of Spain than on protecting Madrid and its citizens when it was most needed ”.

“When we most needed to row in the same direction, some have taken the opportunity to continue twitching. It is the anti-politics, it is the fanaticism, it is the show, I don’t have to tell you where all this is leading ”, added the PSC leader.

In his opinion, “the dynamics of tension and division, which we know well in Catalonia, is beginning to settle in Madrid: a government that is not interested in management, which expels its partners and makes us go to the polls out of sheer partisanship, for convenience ”.

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