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Iglesias: the PP and Vox hate democracy because they want rights for themselves

Collado Villalba (Madrid), Apr 25 (EFE) .- The candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has said that the leaders of the PP and Vox “do not know the effort because they have given everything” and ” they hate democracy “because it implies that their” privileges “are” rights “for all, and they want them” for themselves. “

In an electoral act in the Madrid town of Collado Villalba, Iglesias has insisted on the idea that he already launched this Saturday – and that was also adopted by the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo – about the vote on May 4 “between democracy or fascism.” , after Rocío Monasterio (Vox) questioned the threats received by the head of the list of United We Can by letter.

“If there are no institutions of the common and the public, there is no freedom,” said Iglesias, who wore a red carnation in commemoration of the 47th anniversary of the so-called Carnation Revolution, with which Portugal ended the dictatorship .

In an unusually long speech with a full capacity that has forced dozens of people to follow the event from the street and in the rain, Iglesias has said that the PP project is “one of destruction of democracy and freedom.”

For this reason, he has called it “indecent” that the PP “dared to speak of freedom” when the party “was founded by seven ministers of the dictatorship” and “openly vindicate the dictatorship.”

“To build freedom and democracy it is necessary to defend order, and they are disorder, chaos, the law of the jungle,” he pointed out.

Iglesias has compared the “effort” made by any “humble” person in front of the representatives of PP and Vox, who “are given master’s degrees and university degrees”, protected under the umbrella of “compound surnames, corruption, lies and privileges” .

“But democracy is a historical movement that has turned the privileges of a minority into rights for all, and that is why the fascists and those who open the door to them hate democracy, because they want them for themselves,” he said.

In the same vein, the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has said that the PP has as its leader “a Vox candidate” who is undertaking the wildest neoliberal policies “, in the image and likeness of the extreme right “, which are” a perfect breeding ground for hatred to be born “.

“And that is why the PP is going to get part of the Vox votes”, has predicted Belarra, who has asked that in the Madrid elections “fascism be fought by filling the ballot boxes with purple votes.”

He has also referred to the Vox poster about unaccompanied immigrant minors, although he has chosen to focus on the retired woman who appeared in the message, stating that Spanish pensioners “have a good understanding of Vox and are not going to be fooled. “because they know they are” Franco’s heirs. “

The Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence and a member of the United We Can Congress for Cádiz, Noelia Vera, participated in the event. She said that the right wing is “the dark and people with very little heart”, who wants them to citizens “live in fear.”

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