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IFE, Middle Class Bonus and COVID Bonus today: news and possible payment dates | April 23rd

Chile continues to be affected by the coronavirus and active cases exceed the 44 thousand people. The Government has implemented some measures to prevent the movement of a significant number of people on the streets, But even though those restrictions have been going on for several weeks (and months in some parts of the country), the figures have not experienced a considerable decrease.

For this reason, the authorities implemented several measures to help citizens financially: IFE, the COVID Bond and the new Middle Class Bond. Thus, the Executive seeks that many families continue to receive income even though they cannot be working normally.

What’s new?

Applications to Middle Class Bonus they have already started and it is about a payment of 500 thousand pesos, which is decreasing in view of the economic situation accredited by the applicants.

Also, during the previous week the application stage for the IFE and the COVID Bonus. The contributions of the first benefit are directed to families whose communes remained in Quarantine and Transition on April. Regarding the COVID bonus, this will be delivered to households in sectors in Preparation and Initial Opening.

Finally, President Sebastián Piñera announced the launch of a more expanded version of the IFE, with greater coverage, access and universality for people. It is a contribution of $ 100 thousand for each member of the household, which will be paid without any requirement to the families of the 80% of the Social Registry of Households.

According to him Government, the new state aid will benefit about 13 million people. This means an increase of 3.5 million beneficiaries in relation to the IFE according to the Step by Step Plan and will involve an expense of US$5.500 millones.

Piñera assured that “the IFE will be delivered in April, May and June. This IFE will deliver 100,000 pesos per person and will be delivered to all families that are in the 80% most vulnerable, without requirements. “

Possible payment dates

The authorities reported that as of Friday, April 30 the payments of the IFE and the COVID Bond. That day will also begin the appeal stage for people who did not benefit from the state’s contribution.

Finally, the law that establishes the delivery of the Middle Class Bonus was promulgated on 5th of April past. Regarding the payment dates, it contemplates that these will be executed 10 business days after the applications are made. Therefore, the beneficiaries who completed the process last Saturday, at the time the application stage began, will receive the money the next Friday, April 30.

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