The actuality of the coronavirus pandemic in Chile it continues to be serious. This Friday more than 8 thousand new cases, breaking another negative record. Confinement measures are increasing every day, which causes a negative impact on the economic situation of thousands of homes in the national territory.

For the same reason, government maintains in force a series of measures to help the people most affected by the confinement actions. These contributions include the IFE, the COVID Bonus and the Middle Class Bonus.

The first two grants consist of monetary contributions for households based on the Step by Step Plan Phase where the commune of residence of these families is located or was. The IFE is aimed at people in areas where Quarantine (Phase 1) or Transition (Phase 2). While the COVID Bonus is destined for family groups in sectors in Preparation (Phase 3) or Initial Opening (Phase 4).

For its part, The Middle Class Bonus consists of a contribution to sectors of the population with incomes between the minimum wage and $ 1.5 million, which will decrease in people with higher incomes until reaching $ 2 million. Those who apply for the benefit must demonstrate a 20% decrease in their salaries, but will also include among the recipients people with income from the minimum wage to $ 400 thousand. The latter will not need to prove a drop in their income.

News and possible payment dates

A few days ago, the government released new details about aid for the population. Also, in the last hours in the Congress, and after the negotiations to postpone the next elections due to the increase in the health emergency, there were also news about the IFE: the benefit will extend from the 60 to 80% most vulnerable% of the population.

For now, IFE payments will run until June. They turned themselves in $ 100 thousand per month per member of family groups eligible to receive aid and who have been in Quarantine for 14 days or more. If they were in confinement for a day or more, they are canceled $ 60 thousand.

During April, May and June, a COVID Voucher of $ 40 thousand per month for each member of the household for families that qualify and live in communes in Transition. On the other hand, the government contribution will be $ 25 thousand for homes in areas where Preparation.

April 8 will begin applications for April to IFE and to the Bonus COVID, concluding on the 18th. Currently, the most relevant thing in relation to the benefit is that this Friday April 2 the appeal phase upon delivery of the March contribution ends. Information on this can be found on the website

On the other hand, the draft law of the Middle Class Bonus that will allow the transfer of resources to the population was sent by the Government to Congress in Valparaíso with great urgency. A swift processing of the legal initiative is expected and there has already been news in this regard. The project was approved by the Chamber of Deputies and is currently in the Senate for the final stage of approval.

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