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IFE, Middle Class Bonus and COVID Bonus today: news and possible payment dates | April 10th

The panorama of the pandemic in our country has not seemed to improve and many Chilean families have had to cease their activities due to the quarantines imposed by the health authorities. That is why the Emergency Family Income, the Middle Class Bonus and the Covid Bonus they have become the basis for financial aid to face the crisis.

At the moment, with almost 15 million citizens in confinement, many people have had their work or pay affected againTherefore, the Government worked to help those who need it most.

In that sense, during this Monday, it was President Sebastián Piñera who promulgated the Middle Class Bond law, which will have a top of 500 thousand pesos.

What’s more, It is already known on which dates both the Emergency Family Income and the COVID Bonus can be requested.

Middle Class Bonus: possible payment dates

The Middle Class Bonus must be requested within a month, counting from the 10th day after the publication of said law in the Official diary.

IFE and Covid Bonus: payment dates

In the case of IFE and the COVID bonus, the request can be made between Thursday 8 and Sunday 18 April. After that, it will be known which days both benefits will be paid.

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