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If you have a large car they may ask you to pay more to park

If you have a large car they may ask you to pay more to park

A new task is added to the long list of duties of the DGT: update the General Register of Vehicles with data regarding the size of the vehicles. The reason is that, perhaps, in the near future, bigger cars have to pay more to park in some cities.

It has been the deputy director of Vehicles of the DGT, Susana G√≥mez, who has opened the Pandora’s box. During her intervention in the webinar organized by EY Mobility Center, the head of Traffic assured that the General Directorate of Traffic will begin to collect data on the dimensions of the vehicles for subsequent delivery to the city councils.

The decision is up to the municipalities

From we have contacted the General Directorate of Traffic to find out more details and confirm if it is true that they are evaluating the possibility of establishing parking rates based on the size of the vehicles.

By your response, we can confirm that in the coming weeks Traffic will update the General Vehicle Registry to include data regarding dimensions. It will do so at the request of various city councils, which will be the ones to request said data and which will decide independently if they want to use it to impose higher parking fees for larger vehicles.

The data provided by the DGT (which will correspond to the dimensions that appear in the technical sheet of the vehicle) will be registered in the databases of the parking meters, so that these devices will mark the price according to the size.

It seeks to encourage the use of sustainable models

SUVs and off-road vehicles seem to be the big losers from a measure with which the municipalities seek to promote the use of more sustainable models. It should be remembered, at this point, that in many cities electric vehicles are exempt from paying the price of parking in regulated areas (SER).

The measure is reminiscent of the one announced by the French government where there has been talk of imposing a registration tax that for the crossover of up to 50,000 euros.

Noelia Lopez April 26, 2021 – 12:14 p.m.

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