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“If you are such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday”

Juan Grabois said goodbye to 2020 with a strong intersection with the former Minister of Agroindustry Luis Etchevehere. About the photo of an airplane from Mercado Libre, the social leader wrote on his Twitter account: “Some have the great merit of taking a slice when the rest of us are doing badly and the world falls. A shitty year has gone by for y the excluded from the countryside and the city, the working people, the middle class. I toast because in the next one, as Quilapayún said, the tortilla will return “.

The bitterness that the leader of the Frente Patria Grande has with Marcos Galperín, owner of the electronic commerce company, with whom he has come across on more than one occasion is known.

But this time it was not the businessman who answered him but Etchevehere, another “public enemy” of Grabois. “If things go bad for you, the country is doing well. Remote Control Usurper“was the comment made by the former Mauricio Macri official.

Thus, Etchevehere returned to the charge after the extensive conflict that led this year when Grabois and his “Artigas Project” usurped the Casa Nueva Establishment, located in Entre Ríos, at the hands of Dolores Etchevehere, sister of the former minister, and in the middle of a dispute over ownership of the land, which was eventually evicted.

Grabois’s response to Etchevehere’s tweet was swift: “Corrupt, narco, machirulo and very, very cowardly. I gave back the school and what you stole from your sister. Haa and if you’re such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday 11.30am in Pedro Echagüe 1265 to see if you learn something about life. You are a party aristocrat … “That is the headquarters of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), of which Grabois is a reference.

So far the public dispute came. Consulted by the newspaper The nation, the rural leader assured that he will not accept Grabois’ invitation.

“In a state of law, any dispute has to be dealt with in court, as happened with the attempted usurpation of a field belonging to my family in Entre Ríos, where the justice system evicted the usurpers and today there are 36 defendants,” he said.

Grabois’s comment against Mercado Libre went its own way on social media, where it was retweeted 1,200 times. And there was even debate about how the property that Grabois summoned ended up in the hands of the CTEP.


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