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“If something happens to me, be sure it was him”: the dramatic warning made by a missing mother in California

Maya has three children, ages 4, 9 and 11 (Photo: Facebook)
Maya has three children, ages 4, 9 and 11 (Photo: Facebook)

Almost no more than three months after the disappearance of To the Mayan Nation, a mother of three who lived in California with her family, her relatives and a lawyer revealed new details about her troubled marriage.

Maya, 39, disappeared on January 7; the same day that she had arranged to meet with a lawyer to begin the proceedings for her divorce.

She started the forms. I was going to meet with a divorce attorney“, said to Fox News one of the attorneys has been working closely with Maya’s family.

According to the Chula Vista police, Maya’s family saw her for the last time the same day she disappeared, when they all gathered at her home at Paseo Los Gatos 2400, around 5:00 pm. The reunion happened two days before Maya and her husband traveled for the birthday of one of their daughters. Maya has three children, ages 4, 9 and 11.

She was last seen on January 7 (Photo: Facebook)
She was last seen on January 7 (Photo: Facebook)

The 10th of January, three days later, Around 1:00 am, the police received the first call from Maya had disappeared.

Family and friends said Maya’s car was still at her home, but phone calls went directly to her voicemail after she disappeared. For the next two weeks, Maya’s family and the police continued to search for her without success.

Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s brother-in-law, said his sister and her husband, Larry Millete, they had been “having marital problems“, But nothing more than the”ups and downs”That most couples experience.

However, he also told Fox News that the problems between them already had time, claiming that Larry constantly approached Maya’s family for help. And he added that the last time he saw Maya she was having “Many difficulties” with her husband.

Her husband refused to comment to the media (Photo: Facebook)
Her husband refused to comment to the media (Photo: Facebook)

He was more of a bully, trying to get us involved”Drouaillet told the outlet. “He was trying to put us on his side, when we felt that what he was telling us was pure lies”.

Drouaillet recalled a nearly hour-long phone call in late summer 2020 in which Larry asked him for advice.

It just sounded desperate, you know, ‘You have to listen to me. It’s your fault, it’s your fault‘”Drouaillet explained.

Another member of Maya’s family who preferred to remain anonymous spoke about a disturbing statement that Maya allegedly made in the days leading up to her disappearance: “If something happens to me, rest assured it was Larry”.

The family is from Chula Vista, California (Photo: Facebook)
The family is from Chula Vista, California (Photo: Facebook)

On February 28, Chula Vista police confirmed that Larry Millete, Maya Millete’s husband, he was not considered suspicious.

The messages Larry sent to Maya’s family became increasingly strange throughout 2020., according to her family. Last September he sent them a photo of an altar with an image of him and Maya covered in blood and surrounded by candles.

Family members told Fox that they had not been as frank as they would like, since they fear Larry too.

A spokesman for the Chula Vista Police Department explained that they have not yet found evidence of a possible crime, but did not rule out targeting several suspects. Without delving into more details, he assured that “they will continue to investigate each and every one of the leads they receive”.

The macabre photo that Larry sent to Maya's family (Photo: Facebook)
The macabre photo that Larry sent to Maya’s family (Photo: Facebook)

The only clue the police have is a hole in the wall of the couple’s room, apparently made during an argument.

Larry Millete, for his part, He has only declared once before the media:

More lies and speculation … I just hope that people can stop spreading lies and turn our lives into media entertainment. We are already going through a difficult time

My wife is a good woman and is missing. Everything else is pure smoke.


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