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“If Mbappé arrives at Real Madrid this summer, it would be a great deal for both of us,” says Hernán Pereyra

The rumor of the possible arrival of French striker Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid next summer, seems to gain greater momentum, after Cadena Ser came out to affirm that the player has decided not to renew with Paris Saint-Germain because his intention is to play next season with the meringue set.

Such a statement caused Hernan Pereyra dedicate one of the podcast segments to the topic ‘It’s so and that’s it’ of this Thursday. “Although there is no more information than that, what Cadena Ser says is a bomb, beyond all the rumors that have circulated recently about the forward’s future, his postponed renewal. But we must also warn that everything can be a sale of smoke and that there are efforts by representatives to generate interest or fear in certain clubs, “he began by saying.

“The environment of Mbappé, could throw this news in Spain with the intention that PSG end up paying him more in a contract renewal. Everything is possible in this business ”, Pereyra remarked next.


Hernán Pereyra: ‘Unfair victory for PSG’

In Jorge Ramos y su Banda, Pereyra was blunt with respect to the victory of the Parisian team over Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

After mentioning that the French striker earns 25 million euros this season and 26 for the next when his contract ends, Pereyra analyzed how his departure could occur. “He would have two options: the first to leave in 2022 as a free player, which would mean that his team would not receive anything in return, or force his departure in June 2021 in exchange for a figure of money as a release of his pass. So before losing it for nothing, the Parisian team could be interested in this option ”, he acknowledges.

Next, the ESPN analyst wondered if this departure from PSG to go to Real Madrid will be a true dream or will it be just to sell smoke and generate media noise. “I’ll go with the first thing” said Pereyra openly, to add that “Real Madrid attracts all over the world, it is the most mediatic team on the planet, which is talked about the most, therefore it does not surprise me that he wants to go to a team where it has greater significance, where it is suddenly the great figure. The window of Madrid is bigger than that of PSG ”.

“It must also be recognized that the Spanish league is far superior to the French one. Real Madrid vs Barcelona is attracting worldwide interest. Which game in the French league can arouse such interest? None. That is what Kylian Mbappé wants, because he has money and what there is is an interest in being among the main figures in the world and to be recognized as one of the best, he also has to play in a great team “emphasized the podcast host.

Pereyra also stressed that for Real Madrid, the incorporation of Mbappé would be vital. “He is the player that the merengue team needs. He is an ideal player to be next to Karim Benzema, he is a top player, a guarantee in a position that the team must reinforce. The problem is economic because the finances of the club are not in a good moment, but it can get rid of some players, getting some expensive salaries could help the cause and it would be a good business ”.

Finally, Pereyra said that “today the football market has changed and for Real Madrid to remain in the elite of football, it needs a player like Mbappé because it would be to have a great figure for many years. And for the forward it would be the possibility of being the great figure of a powerful team. For now it is all speculation, but remember that no one believed that PSG would take Neymar and it was finalized, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, also includes the opinion of Pereyra on PSG’s victory over Bayern Munich. and the march of the Concacaf Champions League.

Download here the full podcast of ‘It’s so and that’s it’

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