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‘If Juárez does well, all Chihuahua is doing well’

Salvador Castro
The Juarez Journal

Monday, 04 January 2021 | 20:08

Juarez City- On the second day of the pre-campaign, Gustavo Madero visited this city today where he called on the PAN members to give the best of themselves, so that the victory in the internal election on January 24 is the beginning of a future of greater opportunities for the inhabitants from the border and the rest of the state.

“If Juárez does well, all of Chihuahua is doing well, because from here jobs, exports and competitiveness are generated. The people of Juarez have given me their support, they have my commitment, count on me, ”said the PAN candidate for the governorship of Chihuahua.

During a visit to the Infonavit Casas Grandes neighborhood, Madero inaugurated the start of a mural “Do and learn”, directed by the artist Daniel Rodela and in which the youth of the PAN will shape the Juárez for which they aspire and the principles and doctrines of the National Action Party.

Madero called on young people to be the promoters of that PAN that citizens demand as an alternative to endorse the governorship.

“A PAN that takes up its principles, doctrines and values, and that acts to defend democracy and fight corruption,” he said.

The candidate asked for the confidence of the citizens and assured that he will not fail them.

“The Chihuahuas have the trust placed in our party, we cannot fail them. I believe that today as never before, the PAN has the opportunity to reconnect with citizens and offer them a better future, ”he said.

Gustavo Madero invited in a press conference the militants of National Action to join the project he is leading and which, he said, belongs to all those who with their effort and commitment promote the development of the state.

Madero pointed out, among his proposals, the importance of redoubling the pace and solving lags that still persist on the border and called on the PAN members to work together to achieve it.

“On January 24 we will win and we will win the good way, and together we will build a government inspired by the values ​​of the PAN, with the best profiles to grow and give opportunities to all the people who want to work and contribute for the common good, but mainly to serve the citizens ”, he added.

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