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IEC electoral process begins in Coahuila

Gabriela de León, President Counselor of the IEC, highlighted in his message that, since its creation, the Electoral Institute of Coahuila has organized 127 elections in the entity, and all of them, including the 25 organized in 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, were declared valid by the electoral courts.

“It has been achieved thanks to the hard work of brave, professional and committed women and men who make up the Electoral Institute of Coahuila”, The presiding counselor highlighted and called on political actors not to insult the electoral authority, as this does not pay for democracy, he assured.

Finally, he invited the citizens of Coahuila so that next June 6 we go to the polls, not only to renew with our vote the federal councils and the 38 municipalities, but to give, once again, an example of civility.

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