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Ideal haircuts to refresh the face after 40

After 40 many of the priorities change and we look for ways to see ourselves practical and jovial. Hair is a fundamental part in this regard and we show you the ideal haircuts that will help you refresh your face.

A change of look always goes well and we must know how to choose which one favors our features and age. Therefore, check these options and choose the ideal one for you.

Haircuts to refresh the face

Long layers, one of the most demanded cuts

The idea that after 40 we do not wear long hair was left behind and to give your hair a touch of movement, layered haircuts are perfect because, in addition, they do not sacrifice the length of the mane.

Medium layers

It is a very practical cut that makes us look more jovial. It is ideal to refine the face and perfect if we do not want to make such a radical change from long to short.

Layered bob

The layered bob is here to stay. It is a sophisticated style that gives freshness to the face. The cut goes a little lower than the cheek and the layers give the hair movement and volume.

Pixie, another of the perfect haircuts

The pixie is another of the timeless haircuts. They go well in any season and the idea that it was only for thin-faced women was discarded.

It is a style that takes a lot, it is practical, it does not require much maintenance and it will always make you look chic and glamorous.

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