IDB recognizes Claudia Pavlovich for preventing COVID-19 infections in Sonora

He Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) reported that it recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, before the pandemic.

In that sense, he expressed that the Governor has coordinated the dissemination of hygiene and prevention protocols in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his part, Carlos Socartascini, leader of the IDB Behavioral Economics Group and main technical leader of the Research Department of the same IDB, expressed in a statement the will of the administration headed by Governor Pavlovich, to work together with researchers from this institution.

“The IDB recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the Government of the State of Sonora, especially the sensitivity to the pandemic on the part of Governor Claudia Pavlovich. Since, through their valuable disposition and commitment, it was possible to work together from digital platforms. And bet on these as the ideal means for the dissemination of hygiene and prevention protocols, ”he says in the document sent to the Government of Sonora.

He also noted that, with his collaboration, a Randomized Controlled Test (RCT) could be implemented to create scientific evidence of the use of behavioral sciences. This is to increase adherence to hygiene recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Sonora’s actions in the face of COVID

And it is that, since the month of March, the Government of Sonora is in a permanent dissemination campaign to prevent and reduce COVID-19 infections. For this, a continuous information scheme was installed on the condition, the ways to protect people’s health. All through different communication media and platforms, as well as a daily report on the behavior of the pandemic in the entity.

Sonora's actions against COVID-19

Likewise, these dissemination campaigns have been support for prevention programs and strategies, timely detection and intentional search for cases such as Anticipate. In addition to public policy orientation campaigns for the state and municipalities. Such as the Sonora Anticipa Map that stratifies the level of risk that each municipality presents by COVID-19 cases. Among others that Governor Claudia Pavlovich commented.

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