ICE signs a contract with a company that will sell you personal data

New York, USA

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) signed a contract for $ 16.8 billion with the company LexisNexis Risk Solutions that will supply you with personal information data, as reported this Friday by the digital magazine The Intercept.

It further indicates that apparently LexisNexis is a replacement for CLEAR, a risk industry service operated by Thomson Reuters that has been crucial to the deportation efforts of ICE.

The media recalled that February Washington Post noted that the contract CLEAR expired and that “it was not clear whether the Administration of President Joe Biden will renew the deal” or award a new one.

He also indicated that the contract was shared by Mijente, a Latino advocacy organization that has criticized links between ICE and technology companies that are allegedly “profiting from human rights abuse.”

Explain that the contract shows that LexisNexis provide researchers from National security access to billions of different records containing aggregated personal data from a wide range of public and private sources, including credit history, bankruptcy records, license plate images, and cellular subscriber information.

The company, best known for its role as a powerful academic and legal research tool, will also provide analytical tools that can help law enforcement connect these huge data warehouses with the right person, it adds. The Intercept.

Highlights that LexisNexis Risk Solutions, serving the immensely lucrative “risk” industry, it is also marketed to law enforcement agencies, offering “advanced analytics to generate quality investigative leads, produce actionable intelligence, and drive informed decisions,” “in other words, to find and arrest people. “

In accordance with The Intercept the spokesperson for LexisNexis, Jennifer Richman, declined to report what categories of data the company would provide to ICE under the new contract, or what policies, if any, will govern how the agency uses them.

“Our tool contains data mainly from public government records. The main non-public data is authorized by the Congress for such uses in the Law of Protection of the Privacy from the drivers and the statutes of the Law Gramm-Leach-Bliley”, Indian Richman to the magazine.

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