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Ice Princess: how Anna Shcherbakova fell, but rose on her difficult path to the podium

Behind the brilliant performance of the Russian figure skater on the Stockholm ice lies a difficult success story. What price did Ana have to pay for the high title?

Russia has always been famous for its figure skaters in women’s single skating. This year they made a splash. For the first time, our country has achieved the highest result in this sport and set a record. Over the more than 100-year history of this tournament, girls from our country have taken the podium. Anna Shcherbakova received a gold medal, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – a silver, and Alexandra Trusova – a bronze.

After the Stockholm success, all the cameras of the world are directed at Anna Shcherbakova, the winner of the Championship, who presented herself with a medal for her birthday. She turned 17 on March 28. Young age – and such an adult success. Such heights can only be achieved by an exceptionally outstanding girl. So who is she?

Anna, a native of Moscow, from an ordinary family, skated at the age of three and a half and began her sports career in single skating. She herself, answering journalists’ questions, always speaks fondly about figure skating and warmly recalls the first time on the ice: “The first thing I had was – came out, and the coach told me:“ Well, let’s try, holding on to the side. ” My thoughts at this moment: “Why do I need to hold on to the side, I can handle it now.” But I immediately crashed onto the ice. Somewhere from the third time I realized that everything is not so easy as it seemed to me from the outside. “

The girl admits that she has a very busy schedule and little free time – such is the payback of the athletes. If there is a day off, then Anya tries to spend it with her family and pets in a calm atmosphere in order to gain strength. The young figure skater is an active user of social networks. On her Instagram account, she shares her emotions from the competition with subscribers and posts home videos from her workouts almost every day. Now, of course, her entire feed is replete with photographs from the last World Championship.

Initially, the parents gave their eldest daughter to figure skating, then they brought Anya. From now on, the Khrustalny ice palace became its second home. The girl’s first coaches were Yulia Krasinskaya and Oksana Bulycheva. Since November 2013, the girl came under the leadership of the star coach Eteri Tutberidze, it was under her management that she received her first serious successes.

Anna’s career did not go uphill immediately: the young figure skater had to face a number of setbacks before climbing the podium. The girl’s biography is somewhat reminiscent of the film “Tonya Against All”. Who knows, maybe soon a film will be released about our compatriot – she definitely deserves it. Such stories from life give reason to once again think about what a huge price athletes have to pay for their awards.

Even as part of the junior national team, Shcherbakova began to show her first serious achievements. However, as is often the case, success is followed by failure. At the beginning of the 2017-2018 season, Anna Shcherbakova broke her leg, recovery took six months, which is why she had to miss most of the season. Such a break in her sports career only hardened the girl’s character, although her parents do not hide that they have almost lost hope of their daughter’s full recovery.

“Anya was 13 years old, a period of growth, and we needed a lot of faith in the power of nature in order to calm ourselves – everything would level out, the legs would become the same, and the child would be able to walk like everyone else without limping. They persuaded themselves with difficulty. And the return to the skating rink – I perceived it as a great miracle, no less, ”the girl’s father told Sport Express.

The injury did not break the young athlete morally – she was supported by the environment. When it came time to continue training, the headquarters of Tutberidze surrounded the skater with attention and care, thanks to which she recovered very quickly. A career that almost collapsed in an instant was saved thanks to Ani’s selfless love for figure skating.

Since 2019, for Anna Shcherbakova, not just a new season begins, but an important stage in her sports career: she begins to compete among adult figure skaters and immediately wins a landslide victory in the Italian tournament. From this moment on, a series of successful performances and personal and world records begins, including the performance of the quadruple lutz.

However, few people know what difficulties Anna had to face before going on the ice in the world tournament. It turned out that in November 2020, the athlete was diagnosed with pneumonia, which is why she had to withdraw from the competition in the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix: Rostelecom Cup. But already in December, Anya was able to get in shape and win the third title of the champion of Russia in figure skating. In an interview, Anna said that the coaching staff tried to persuade her to withdraw from the tournament due to the severe consequences of pneumonia. The athlete has not completely skated her programs for a long time, even in training. “Now I’m just very happy. Many thanks to everyone involved in this. And thanks to myself that I didn’t act, I fought, ”Shcherbakova said in an interview with Channel One right after the show.

And now, a few months later, 17-year-old Anna went to Stockholm, where she again performed a cascade of quadruple lutz and won the title of World Champion. And only the family and the coaching staff knew how hard it was for Anya to go out on the ice every time.

“You have no idea what Anyuta went through this season. She was so emaciated and haggard from her illness. There was no face on her! Everything was given by incredible work and through some kind of hellish overcoming. This fragile girl has such a core and character that words cannot describe. Up there, they see everything. This victory is absolutely deserved. Even if not everything worked out in the program, but knowing her condition, she is just a hero! ” – admired the choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov.

Even the strong and strict Eteri Tutberidze (this is what the students say about her) admitted that Anya’s whole life is a constant struggle.

After the presentation of the award, Anna Shcherbakova herself could not catch her breath and give an interview for a long time. With a tremor in her voice, but with happiness in her eyes, the young champion thanked the coaches and parents for their support, and also told how she would celebrate her birthday. “I am so happy because it was my goal,” Anya admitted. And we are so glad that in our country there is such an athlete who, by right, can be called a legend of Russia at only 17 years old.

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