Ibero expels a student for gender aggression; They point out that it could be Memo Aponte

The Universidad Iberoamericana joins other institutions that already act against gender aggression among its student community.

Mexico City, January 4 (However) .– The Ibeoamerican University expelled an undergraduate student after being credited with a gender aggression. Network users point out that it could be the voice actor and driver known as Memo Aponte.

According to a statement from the University, which did not disclose the name of the expelled student, it was announced that it was acted upon after receiving a formal complaint from a student. The Gender Committee was in charge of acting in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol for the Prevention and Attention of Gender Violence.

It was indicated that after investigating and interviewing witnesses of the parties involved, the complaint was credited.

“The student has already been notified, so as of today he is no longer a member of our community,” said Ibero.

However, despite what network users point out, the Ibero press department informed However that the name of the student will not be rebelled by the legal procedure that is taken against him.

In February of this year, Memo Aponte responded to the accusations against him for sexual harassment and denied all of them, even the most recent one at that time when a young woman claimed to have maintained a relationship with the actor when she was 13 years old and in which would have been the victim of innumerable abuses.

In a video posted through his personal YouTube channel, who voiced Nemo in Finding Nemo and Phineas Flynn in Phineas y Ferb acknowledged that the circumstances in which he finds himself have allowed him to reflect on the mistakes made and came to the conclusion that the worst was “not learning to set limits in this environment unlike other people” and talking “with whoever and in the moment that was ”.

“We lose our sensitivity towards others and put our own integrity at risk,” he said, while thanking them for the values ​​that were instilled in the family, which is why he knows that “never, and I want to repeat, I have never forced no one to do something they do not want and I can guarantee them at the legal level because I believe in justice and in the authorities to do it.

Aponte concluded by saying that he is a person like any other, who makes mistakes and learns from them: “I just want to tell you, from all work you learn and I am learning to guarantee you that I will become a better human being both professionally and in my life personal”.


Since yesterday, the rumor that it was the dubbing actor Memo Aponte was already circulating on social networks, users of social networks were already requesting the veto of Disney for the actor who has more than seven million followers on his Facebook page that he allocates for publicize news about entertainment company.

Despite the confirmation, so far there is no positioning of Aponte in their official accounts.

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