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I will not participate in the electoral contest in Sinaloa: Manuel Clouthier

Culiacan- Manuel Clouthier Carrillo affirmed: “I am retired, I will not participate in the electoral contest in Sinaloa, since there are no conditions ”; But, he established that he wants the next governor to be an honest man to the full, without commitment to drug trafficking and who listens to all sectors.

He stressed that the laws, institutions and political parties are determined to hinder the full exercise of the right of citizens to participate in political life, as independent candidates, by setting rules and requirements that discourage and they hold back intentions to contribute to change.

The son of the late presidential candidate for the National Action Party, Manuel J Clouthier del Rincón, detailed that for 17 weeks he litigated in the federal and local electoral courts to reverse the agreement of the State Electoral Institute to grant only 40 days for the collection of the citizen supports for independents.

He did see that until last December 28 got it changed to 60 days, term that still means an increase of 125 percent of the requirements that are fixed in the federal for the election of a candidate to Senator of the Republic.

Clouthier Carrillo emphasized that as he announced in 2018 remains retired from politics, but, as impulses of the independent candidacies, as a citizen he had to litigate in court, to modify the requirements that had been set, which increased the burden of collecting support per day for applicants.

He noted that the cindependent antics, it is not a matter of political effervescence, but human rights, so it is necessary to continue fighting against legislatures, electoral bodies and political parties that are determined to put obstacles.

“I am not going to participate in the electoral process,” he emphasized, but, in his opinion, the next governor of the state, you must be honest, scrupulously handle public resources, provide transparency, seek the unity of all sectors to build a different life project.

On the issue of security, he indicated that the police forces will have to be dignified, with more dignified salaries and other benefits, not having commitments to drug trafficking and promoting the productive sectors.

From their point of view, the new state executive that is elected must respect criticism, freedom of expression and be tolerant of dissidents, speak the truth, put aside lies, pretense and populism.

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