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“I will never forget this look”: Dakota saw an adult in her daughter

In one of the latest publications of the personal page of the performer Rita Dakota, a fresh snapshot of the daughter of a celebrity with bright makeup on her face appeared.

The ex-wife of singer Vlad Sokolovsky admitted that Mia has become very big. This is reflected not only externally, but in the girl’s speech.

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Rita said that the baby recently surprised her a lot. Together with Mia, Dakota was enjoying the seascapes, when suddenly the girl turned to her mother with the words:

“Mom, I’m very happy.”

Dakota began to question her daughter:

“I smiled back at her and said:“ How great. Why are you happy, honey? ” Then she looked with a completely grown-up look somewhere deeper than my eyes and seriously said, “Because you have a very interesting wonderful life, and I am your daughter and you take me everywhere.”

Rita added that at this moment Sokolovsky’s daughter had a very expressive and wise look. A few minutes later, the girl was fooling around again and chasing a flock of birds. However, Rita will forever remember this magical moment.

“A powerful, revealing dialogue, once again so clearly showed me how closely a child is connected with the divine, while he is still small and has not yet” forgotten “,” admitted Dakota.

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