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"I want to tell you how it was": Tamara Moya’s mother recounted the murder of her 5-year-old daughter

Last Tuesday, Camila Almonacid, mother of Tamara Moya, spoke with the program Hello Chile of La Red to relate what happened on the night of February 28, when her daughter lost her life after being shot during a confinement in the commune of Huechuraba.

The woman asked for a moment to give her testimony, due to the speculations that have arisen around the case. “I hope this is the only time I have to recount what happened that night“, he pointed.

“There are many speculations and I I just wanted to tell you how it was. Also tell them that this could have happened to anyone, “he added, and then provide details of what happened last February.

“I, that night, had gone to drop off my sister’s boyfriend at her house. I was at my parents’ house, I had returned with my sister, and it was getting late. As was the curfew at 23:00 … My daughter, the next day, had her first day of kindergarten And, for that sole reason, I decide not to stay at my parents’ house and come to our house. The path was always the same“, He counted.

Tamara Moya’s mother explained that she tried to return home as quickly as possible, as it was close to curfew. “Our house was very close and there comes a point where I’m talking to my daughter about kindergarten, since she wanted to stay in the garden. And one, just like mom, is watching her fall asleep, “he said.

Regarding the moment of the confinement, he commented: “I did not see at any time that they have crossed (the criminals), I saw that later in a video. And at the moment of having them in front, I try to go back, just because I had the car in front of me, they still hadn’t got out.

“Two guys get off. I know there was one more he was driving. The one who got out on the right side was targeting us. I tell him that I have a girl and I start to raise my hands. I tell him I had my daughter, let me take my daughter out. I was not backing down. But when I saw the gun that was pointed at my daughter, I said ‘I have to take it out, but if I get off, they can take it in the car.’ It was the only thing I thought at the time, of trying to get it out, but from the inside, “he continued.

“She died as soon as she was shot”

Next, Camila Almonacid gave details of the moment her daughter was shot. “I turn around, reach out to unbuckle his belt, and at that moment the guy I was yelling at him to let me take the girl out, shoots him. And I see how the bullet enters my daughter’s body. At that moment I said ‘they killed her’, because I saw her little face. I did not undo it. And since he had the car already in reverse, he pushed hard to go back and then to move forward, all he thought was to get to the house, “he said.

I know that she died as soon as she was shot, because I saw her, I felt it in my heart. I had no hope that she would be saved. And then, when the neighbors saw this, they took me to an assistance center. That was the hardest, because I couldn’t be with her, they don’t tell you what’s up. I knew she was dead, but I needed to be told, ”he added.

“When they tell you that the bullet was fatal and that there was no way to save it, you no longer live, you go with it,” he closed.

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