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"I thought that for the content we could win": Sergio Chamy after defeat of "The mole agent"

The new edition of the Oscars left a bitter taste among all those who waited for the triumph of The mole agent. The production directed by Maite Alberdi and starring Sergio Chamy, competed in the Best Documentary category, but was defeated by My Octopus Teacher, by South African director Pippa Ehrlich.

Asked how he was going at the ceremony, Sergio Chamy responded “extraordinarily well.” “I am but very happy to know something that I did not think was going to be so suddenlyHe added.

Although he acknowledged not having seen the winning documentary, he commented that he would. What’s more, the protagonist of The mole agent regretted the defeat of Chilean production, indicating that he feels “sad because that film had a lot of work from many people.”

“It was a sacrifice of three months that we were stuck there at home, I thought that for the content we could win“, He assured.

Sergio Chamy still touched the statuette

Although he did not take the coveted Oscar, The mole agent he also had the opportunity to touch a golden statuette. And it is that the director of My Octopus Teacher He offered to share his award symbolically.

The event was recorded in a photograph, in which he appears with Pippa Ehrlich and Maite Alberdi.

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