I think my brother infected my mother with covid-19

Throughout the pandemic, since March, Laura Zavaleta, mother of Aldo Martínez, had taken care of the covid-19, she was confined and her relatives did not let her go out to the street for nothing.

Nine months he was like this because at 54 he suffers from high blood pressure, until a few days before Christmas, an oversight, a laxity in measurements, changed his life.

One of her sons came to visit her at her home. He had had a cough for days. I didn’t know at the time, but that cough was covid-19. The young man died suddenly on December 30. And his mother began to feel bad on the 31st of that month.

“My mother started with complications on the 31st with a fever and then, we were already treating her at home, with some teas, what people have told us, and yesterday we bought an oximeter and she began to oxygenate very little, to 87, and it started to go down ”, says Aldo Martínez, while he waits in front of the triage door of the La Raza Hospital for Infectious Diseases to receive reports on his mother’s state of health.

“We went to the doctor and the doctor recommended that we bring her to a hospital,” she says.

From the town of Santa Fe, in the mayor’s office Alvaro Obregon, were immediately transferred, without consulting whether or not there was availability, to the La Raza hospital. Two relatives had already fought the covid there and therefore, the lady and her son were confident that she would be well cared for.

When Aldo is asked if there was a time when his mother could have been infected, he confesses: it was surely that visit from his brother.

“I think so, I think my brother already … a week before the 24th, he visited us, I imagine that he was already a carrier and did not know it, I think that was the cause because my mother was there all the time of the sheltered pandemic, precisely because of the pressure, we didn’t let her do anything, “he admits.

“He already saw himself with a cough picture and I think that’s where all this came from,” he reiterates.

Now, he just hopes his mother can fight the battle, in case it is confirmed that she is infected with covid-19.

“It is a very complicated situation… I already had the loss of my brother, he died of covid; We are very scared, we are very scared by my mother’s situation ”, he adds between the nervousness of not knowing what they are going to say to him when he opens that door again.

Outside that hospital, dozens of people wait for news of their relatives, most of them infected with the virus SARS-COV-2 hardly, in the last days, in the days of the holidays.

Nearby, in the town of San Juan de Aragón, an ambulance arrived at the General Hospital of Zone 29, of the IMSS, just at noon, with José González, Pepe, 43, on board.

The vehicle belonged to the Red Cross of Metepec, in the State of Mexico.

“He comes from Metepec, from Toluca, because no hospital there wanted to treat him,” explains Jonathan González, Pepe’s nephew, who comes to keep the rest of the family company.

-I couldn’t breathe well.

-How much did the oximeter read?

“He was like 30, his oxygenation was very low,” he says.

The oxygen in the ambulance helped him withstand the more than two-hour journey.

Pepe’s wife also came in that ambulance, less serious, but also with difficulty breathing.

“For a few days they started to feel bad, flu, but just bad, bad, they began to feel yesterday, which was when they began to lack air; they began to see a way to go to a hospital, but due to the low oxygenation that it presented, in no hospital they wanted to accept it, they were already given up for lost ”, adds young Jonathan.

Because Pepe’s mother is also admitted to that IMSS hospital, they decided to come from Toluca to try to admit the 43-year-old man there.

Fortunately, he managed to be received in that medical unit, one of the largest in the area and, according to a doctor from the emergency department, the only one in the mayor’s office Gustavo A. Madero It remains a hybrid hospital, that is, in addition to receiving patients with suspected covid, it also receives patients with any other type of emergency. Which complicates and burdens the doctors in there.


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