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‘I see you’ and other suspense movies on Netflix that will keep you in suspense

Every so often the Netflix catalog is renewed to keep catching us in front of the screen, especially with its stories full of suspense and mystery that do not let you detach yourself until you discover what happened.

Just several titles that have recently joined the streaming service meet that criteria, and successfully, as they have managed to take over the top positions among the trends.

Highly Addictive Netflix Thrillers

I see you

In fact, the newest to achieve that achievement is this thriller that mixes with horror and currently occupies the second position of the international billboards despite the fact that it is from the year 2019.

It focuses on a family that begins to experience paranormal events in their own home, while a detective tries to find out the whereabouts of a 10-year-old boy who has disappeared in the mysterious town where they reside.

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Red point

Direct from Sweden to Netflix comes this thriller that has garnered rave reviews. He approaches Nadja and her partner, who after becoming pregnant, undertake a trip to northern Sweden to practice mountaineering and guide their relationship. However, his romantic getaway will be a nightmare when he becomes bait for some murderers.

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Run, resounding success on Netflix

Sarah Paulson is the big face of this movie that hit Netflix in the last month. It shows us Diane, a mother who begins to have a strange behavior about her daughter, Chloé, a young woman in a wheelchair with many health problems, who will gradually realize that things are not as she thinks they are.

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Similarly, Netflix signed another European production, specifically Spanish, to delve into the events that unfold after an armored police van is attacked during a transfer of prisoners, forcing the guards to survive against the incarcerated, now free, during a nightmare night.

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