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I repudiate the anti-Semitic sayings of Congressman Ansal …

The national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires and leader of UATRE, Pablo Ansaloni, was repudiated by different Jewish organizations after formulating a series of anti-Semitic statements during the development of a zoom of his union organization. “We are more united than ever, nobody will break us. Because out there they are like the Jews, who have no country and do not know where they are or who they represent, ”launched the legislator of the province of Buenos Aires when he reaffirmed his membership in the rural workers’ union.

The video quickly went viral on the networks and generated strong repudiation from various sectors, including the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA), the Argentine Jewish Call and the rural laborers’ union.

“Expressions such as those exposed show a high anti-Jewish virulence by installing a foreign discourse towards the Jewish community,” said DAIA through its Twitter account.

“Even more serious, if it is stated by a deputy of the Nation that it should be an example of the protection of the right to equality and inclusion,” added the entity that at the same time demanded “the authorities to punish and separate who, due to their discrimination and intolerance, promote the division of Argentine society ”.

For its part, the leadership of the UATRE issued a statement in which it affirmed that Ansaloni’s expressions “do not agree at all with the sentiment and history of our union organization and show a total contempt for the Jewish community.”

After public questioning, the deputy who belongs to the Federal Unit and Equity block, but who came to his bench on a list of Together for Change in 2017, apologized through a statement and assured that his statements were reproduced in a manner ” malicious and were taken out of context. ” The legislator maintained that his statements were not derogatory, but were poorly formulated.

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