I hope this can reach everyone

The intensive therapy doctors of the Posadas Hospital, Francisco Traverso and Flavia Loiacono, who were the first to apply the vaccine, said they were “Proud” to be part of the campaign.

“It was many months, we had a lot of expectations and it came true”said the doctor Flavia Loiacono.

sputnik vaccine V coronavirus Posadas health personnel

As for how they decided to get the vaccine, he said: “They offered it to us and we were convinced that we wanted to get vaccinated. Hopefully this can reach everyone, because the goal is that we can all get vaccinated and that we can put an end to this disease ”.

The doctor did not hide her excitement at being part of the vaccination program: “I am excited, of course I am. I want everyone to feel the same as me, and that it reaches everyone ”.

“I feel good, it is a vaccine. We have been vaccinated with a lot of other things and we don’t ask ourselves so many questions, we have to think epidemiologically “Flavia stressed.

Along the same lines, the doctor Francisco Traverso He stated: “I am proud to be part of this vaccination campaign, and with great expectations”.

And I add: “We are giving peace to get out of this situation, we had to enlarge intensive care to have more beds and be able to attend more patients. We are fortunate to say that we did not have to deny attention to anyone, after having seen what was happening worldwide ”.

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