Nikita Mikhalkov, 75, attended the shooting of the Evening Urgant program on Channel One and surprised the fans with his behavior. The fact is that the director drank champagne straight from his throat and was constantly joking. Fans have not seen such a cheerful, ever-serious artist for a very long time.

In addition, Mikhalkov frankly answered all the questions of the presenter. So, he admitted that he is very proud of the achievements of his daughter Anna. “She has grown into a very big actress. She has a great role in the movie Let’s Get Divorced. In “An Ordinary Woman” she played beautifully. Anya took her own niche, the niche in which Gundareva worked at one time. She does not try to grab onto everything and works where she is good, ”Mikhalkov stressed.

The artist also said that his son and daughters always star in his films for free. In principle, most of the program was devoted to discussions about cinema. According to Mikhalkov, the films of the 70s were head and shoulders above the modern ones, since then real geniuses were working. “Of course, there are good films now. Birdman is a great movie. The same Tarantino. But these are piece things. Open the list of movies from the 70s. There are many iconic, great pictures, ”the director is sure.

Mikhalkov follows modern directors, but does not spend time on social networks. The director is aware of the existence of TikTok, but does not consider it necessary to discuss the now publicly popular platform. “I have nothing to do with TikTok. This is a part of life that came to us with the development of technology. It is important here how smart, talented, cheerful a person is. You see, the ability to be in everyone’s sight when your fly is unbuttoned is not entirely convenient. And here you come across people who think completely differently, ”the director reasoned.

During the transfer, the artist managed to drink several glasses of champagne. As a result, Nikita Sergeevich eclipsed even the presenter with his sense of humor.

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