Ex-participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Alena Vodonaeva admitted that she agreed to say “yes” in the registry office for the third time in order to fulfill her cherished desire.

In her microblog, Vodonaeva said that she has long dreamed of a dog. However, a furry friend will demand a lot of attention and care from Alena, which a journalist cannot promise.

The celebrity alone brings up her son Bogdan, leads several creative projects. And recently she opened another beauty salon.

Alena stressed that someday she will get a four-legged friend. For this, Vodonaeva is even ready to get married:

“I dream about the dog. And someday I will definitely have it. So far, I cannot afford such a responsibility. This requires a husband to walk with her in the morning and in the evening and wash her paws. And also, so that my husband has a huge apartment. In Khamovniki “.

Alena was photographed with dogs as an example of what her new pet could be. To communicate with fluffy animals, Vodonaeva put on a cocoa-colored knitted suit with milk.

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