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“I agree with Chicharito: for some hidden thing they did not respect his hierarchy”, says Faitelson

The recent statements by Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández about his absence in the calls of the Mexican National Team, aroused controversy and forced their analysis by the press. “There have been other players who have had a bad season and they have put up with them. I had a very bad season and they did not hold me and I do not say it for the coach Martino himself, I say it in general, “said the LA Galaxy forward in an interview with TUDN.

Taking as reference these statements of the Mexican forward, David Faitelson gave his opinion on the situation that Chicharito lives in one of the issues that make up the latest edition of his podcast ‘The Faitelson Look’.

After acknowledging that the serious injury suffered by striker Raúl Jiménez when he was going through a great footballing moment, increases the problem for the Mexican team and gives more importance to Chicharito’s words, the podcast host said that “when he maintains that not all the responsibility for its non-call belongs to Gerardo Martino, It seems to me that it places a bit of blame and responsibility on the directors of the Federation, which turns the issue into something really rugged, “began the analyst of ESPN.

He also recalled that in his last call there was a disciplinary problem with a meeting outside normal hours, Faitelson said that “this issue was not fully clarified and the idea that the player had a head-on clash with the president of the Federation was always floating. , One of Luisa. What if we can say that this is combined with the terrible season that Chicharito had with the LA Galaxy ”.

“I will simply say that I always believe in hierarchies because they are achieved by being better at your job, standing out above others by highlighting your career. When we refer to Javier Hernández, we are talking about a footballer who played and scored important goals with Manchester United and Real Madrid and whose brilliant career was completed having stood out in the Bundesliga also ”, he said, to add that he thinks he is the player who has come closest to the levels of Hugo Sanchez and Rafael Marquez.

Deepening his analysis, Faitelson made it clear that “I think the issue happens in the fact that he could have been endured as he expresses it despite his bad football moment. I think that the National Team could have been a rescue for him and it was not, so I insist again with the same thing: is there some kind of veto? Is there a disciplinary issue that prevents its convocation? ”, He asked himself once more.

“This I cannot prove and one of the reasons is because the last numbers of the forward do not help. Although I believe in hierarchies, something that seems that Tata Martino does not think the same. That hierarchy achieved over time that means that when a player is in a crisis, he could receive preferential treatment. And it is very clear to me that this has not been applied with Chicharito ”, he emphasized.

Next, Faitelson mentioned that he likes Chicharito’s position “of clearly expressing that he wants to go to the national team. How many other players have turned their backs on Tri without any explanation? There are the cases of Carlos Vela and Luis Montes, two extraordinary footballers. Neither of us wants to go. Chicharito at least raises his hand and that must be appreciated. Gerardo Martino should take it into account and the leaders of the Federation as well ”.

Finally, Faitelson said that “When Mexico thought that with Jiménez there was a problem of generational change with the football blackout of Chicharito, his injury opened a hole and a void that forces them to look for other alternatives. And among those alternatives is to give a new opportunity to a player who is the highest scorer of the Mexican team of all time and who, if that were not enough, scored more than 130 goals in Europe, a figure that we really have to treasure. ”.

“Therefore there is the issue of Chicharito. I do believe that the historical hierarchy that he represents was not considered, and I also believe that there may be something hidden in his departure from the Mexican team,” he concluded.

Note: ‘The Faitelson Look’David maintains on other issues, that Mexican teams must understand that the ConcaChampions is the last loophole they have left to compete in demanding football and that it seems unheard of that there is neither relegation nor fine in Mexican football.

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