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Hyaluronic acid in the nose: Does it help correct its shape?

You hear more and more about how wonderful stuffing is through hyaluronic acid When it comes to beauty, it is not for nothing that it has become so popular. It has multiple uses and functions providing undeniable benefits as an anti-aging treatment, but what about the rhinomodeling via hyaluronic acid?

Dr. Bernardo Goldzweig Hans, Aesthetic Doctor at BGH, explained to us in detail: ‘A rhinomodeling through effects of hyaluronic acid is, as its name implies, a remodeling of the nose without the need for surgery to improve its shape and aesthetics according to the desired facial harmony by means of injectable fillers or vials. Precisely, one of the main characteristics of the hyaluronic acid is that it is a powerful ‘filler’ of skin that plays an important role in its structure ‘.

First of all: What is a facial filler?

Facial fillers They are one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine today, as they offer good results without the need for surgical intervention. These results are achieved non-invasively, without risks and without side effects. These fillers are used to remove wrinkles and furrows more marked on the face, replenish volumes or simply rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.

How does hyaluronic acid filler work in the nose?

The filling of hyaluronic acid It is a gel that is applied by means of microinjections directly on the skin and, in addition to replenishing lost hyaluronic acid, it allows to reshape face shapes and contours nose. To achieve volume and definition, hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite is infiltrated into specific areas of the nose. With this innovative technique, the face can be harmonized by acting on the septum and the tip.

What are the effects of hyaluronic acid on the nose?

With the fillings you get reduce the descent of facial tissues, punished with the passage of age and ending with the sensation that the skin of the nose hangs and falls off. In specific terms of its application to the nose for a rhinomodeling, fillers or injectables containing the hyaluronic acid ingredient They manage to return to the skin its volume almost immediately, in addition to deeply hydrating it, also improving its smoothness and luminosity.

These are some of the effects of hyaluronic acid on the nose

  1. Perfecting the nose.
  2. Facial harmony (face frame).
  3. Disappearance of hump.
  4. Achieve a more upturned nose.
  5. Profile improvement.

How long does hyaluronic acid filler last in the nose?

The aesthetic results of filling implants with hyaluronic acid they are immediate. The effect of hyaluronic acid usually last about 9-12 months depending on the age, the area injected, the quality of the skin and the lifestyle.

Are there any side effects?

The risks of an infiltration are minimal and the most worrying thing that can happen are local inflammatory reactions that may be accompanied by irritation or pressure, although their appearance it will be temporal.

Does hyaluronic acid in the nose require anesthesia?

It is not necessary, but to minimize discomfort you can apply a anesthetic ointment or local cold in the area to be treated before starting the session.

What is the recommended age to apply hyaluronic acid to the nose?

It is from 35 years that the shape of our face begins to change as a result of the decrease in production of the hyaluronic acid that our own body generates, which together with collagen, are our great allies in the fight against the loss of volume and wrinkles that appear due to the inevitable passage of time. However, it may be that a younger person has the same needs and deficiencies as someone older, with the application of hyaluronic acid being the alternative for both cases.

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