Hunter Biden: “I cooked my own crack in a bungalow”

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“I cooked my own crack in a bungalow,” writes Hunter Biden


Hunter Biden says he started drinking heavily as a young man

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In excerpts from his memoirs printed by the “New York Times” on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s son Hunter recalls his drug past with explicit descriptions. He also tells of his mother’s accidental death.

AAlcohol, drugs, withdrawal: the son of US President Joe Biden reports in his memoirs about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction as well as the relapse after the death of his brother. “I bought crack on the streets of Washington DC and made my own in a bungalow in Los Angeles,” writes Hunter Biden in the book “Beautiful Things,” due out next week.

In excerpts from The New York Times on Wednesday, Biden recalls, among other things, how he bought crack from a homeless addict who later moved in with him. “The relationship was symbiotic,” writes the 51-year-old. Biden was discharged from the US Navy reservist unit in 2014 because of a positive test for cocaine.

Alcohol also played a big role in Hunter Biden’s life for a long time: In “Beautiful Things” he remembers a time when he was “so desperate for a drink” that he couldn’t walk a block from the liquor store to his house. without opening the bottle to take a sip ”.

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According to his own account, Biden began to drink heavily as a young man. After rehab, he relapsed again after the death of his brother Beau in 2015. Beau died of a brain tumor at the age of only 46, less than two years after his diagnosis.

Hunter reports on the death of his mother

Hunter Biden claims to have overcome his drug and alcohol addiction and lives as an artist in Los Angeles. In his memoirs, he also recalls the car accident he and Beau survived in December 1972. Hunter’s mother and little sister died in the accident. “Suddenly I see my mother’s head turning to the right,” he writes. He couldn’t remember anything else.

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Biden’s son was not only a target in the presidential election campaign because of his antics. Because of his business in Ukraine and China, among other things, he was regularly attacked by ex-President Donald Trump. In the book, Hunter Biden insists that he has done “nothing unethical”.

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