Hungary: Viktor Orbán vaccinated against Corona – he got the China vaccine – Politics abroad

At the end of January, Hungary was the first EU country to approve the Chinese vaccine from the manufacturer Sinopharm – now Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (57) has picked up his dose.

The Prime Minister posted a video of the vaccination on his Facebook page and wrote: “Vaccinated.” Unlike the EU Medicines Agency (EMA), Hungary has approved vaccines from China and Russia. Immediately after approval, Orbán announced his vaccination plan – and has now put it into practice.

So far, Hungary has given its citizens 680,000 vaccinations against Corona, most of them with products from Western manufacturers. But in the last 24 hours alone, according to official information on Sunday, 114,000 vaccinations were carried out – the vast majority of them with Sinopharm.

Hungary has ordered five million cans from Sinopharm and two million cans from Sputnik V. So far 550,000 cans have been received from Sinopharm and 600 from Sputnik V 145. In view of the delivery bottlenecks for western vaccines, Orbán hopes that the use of eastern products will turn the fight against the corona pandemic into a positive one.

The latter, however, are not without controversy. The emergency approval procedure, which is regulated by Orbán’s ordinance, does not provide for any substantial review of the imported vaccines. Experts criticize that the manufacturer’s information, especially from the Chinese producer, is inadequate.

The government and experts also expect a third wave of the pandemic in Hungary. On Sunday, the authorities recorded 4469 proven new infections with the virus – on Sunday a week ago it was 2912.

Since the pandemic started a year ago, almost 15,000 people have died in connection with a corona infection in the country with ten million inhabitants.

Because of the delicate infection situation in Hungary, the Foreign Office warns against unnecessary travel. The website says: “In all counties as well as in the capital Budapest the incidence is currently more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days, which is why Hungary was classified as a risk area. Entry is generally not possible for Germans, among others. Hungary has extended the EU internal border controls until March 15, 2021. In principle, only Hungarian nationals can enter the country. “

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