Hundreds of Britons are fleeing quarantine in a Swiss ski resort

Hundreds of tourists from Great Britain left the Swiss ski resort of Verbier, some overnight. Apparently they no longer wanted to comply with the quarantine order. To be stuck in a hotel room with the whole family around the clock – that was probably too much for them.

In the noble ski resort in the canton of Valais near France and Italy, more than 400 visitors from Great Britain were counted before Christmas, for whom quarantine had been ordered at very short notice due to the coronavirus mutation there.

About fifty of them left immediately, and more in the days that followed. Fewer than a dozen of the guests from Great Britain were still there at the weekend. A community spokesman confirmed this.

Some British have now reported from France

The departure of the guests was only noticed in the hotels after the breakfast trays placed in front of the room doors had not been touched. The community spokesman showed understanding for the departure: “Families with small children suddenly got stuck on 20 square meters,” he said. “It was unbearable.”

In the meantime, some guests from neighboring France have reported. The ski slopes there are closed, but holidaymakers from Great Britain can at least get some fresh air.

Switzerland responded to corona mutation

On December 20, Switzerland stopped all flights from Great Britain and South Africa because new and allegedly more contagious variants of the corona virus had been detected in the countries. They ordered all those who had arrived since December 14 to be quarantined retrospectively for ten days from the arrival date.

Several infections with the new virus type have now been confirmed in the Swiss Confederation.

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