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Hundreds of birds fall dead from the sky after fireworks

Hardly anyone adhered to the ban on firecrackers in Rome

There has always been a discussion about firecrackers – not only in the Corona year 2020, when it was banned in large parts of Germany. The danger to animals and especially to birds is actually a reason for many to ban private fireworks altogether. There was also a ban on firecrackers in Rome this year – but hardly anyone kept to it. The result: Hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky on New Year’s Eve.

Heart attack or panic as the cause of death?

According to Italian media reports, the animals are said to be starlings, which are believed to have died of a heart attack. Dozens of photos and videos of the dead animals lying on the streets around Termini Station were found on social media – a gruesome picture.

“It could be that the animals died of fear. They fly wildly around each other and against each other, or fly against windows and power lines. They can also die from a heart attack,” Loredana Diglio of the International Organization for the Welfare of the Animals told the news agency AP.

Nabu also warns of the consequences of firecrackers for animals

How bad the bang really has to be for the animals is also described by the Naturschutzbund on its website. “Birds show panic reactions, are frightened from their sleeping places and may be driven away for up to 14 days. In the process, they lose energy that they urgently need in winter,” it says.

The year 2020 shows that New Year’s Eve also goes without firecrackers – in view of the horror images from Rome, perhaps an approach for the coming turn of the year.

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