The Golden State Warriors suffered one of the most “humiliating” losses in franchise history Friday night during a 53-point loss to the Toronto Raptors, a team that entered the game after losing 13 of their last 14 games.

“You saw it,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the 130-77 loss. “They destroyed us. Not much to say. Humiliating for everyone involved.”

The Warriors, who were losing as much as 61 points in the second half, set some dubious records in a game in which both Stephen Curry (tailbone) and Draymond Green (sprained left finger) were out.

The Raptors outscored the Warriors by 51 points in the second and third quarters, the largest point differential in a two-quarter span of a game in NBA history, according to Elias Sports Bureau. The Warriors became the fourth team in the past 25 seasons to be by at least 60 points in a game, according to ESPN Stats and Information. The Raptors’ 53-point margin of victory is also tied for the third-largest in league history for a team that is 10 or more games under .500.

“I think the game went south quickly and we got demoralized,” Kerr said. “I think without Steph and Draymond, I think we were a little rudderless when things went awry. We didn’t have the internal fight we needed to get over the hump.”

That was evident in a variety of different areas, but offensively, the statistic that may be the most jarring for the Warriors is the fact that they became the only team in the last 25 years to lose a game by at least 50 points and not scoring a goal. fast break point. They only had one counter attempt in the entire game and missed it. It’s a big reason Kerr was so frustrated with his team’s lack of ball movement.

“Our team has been built to share the ball,” Kerr said. “When you move the ball in this game, that’s when the magic happens, when you build an energy, a karma, the shots tend to come in if you move the ball and share it. And I just saw one possession after another tonight. That was a pass. and a shot. We have to play for each other and I didn’t think we would do that tonight. “

The Warriors, now 23-26, rank 10th in the Western Conference and have struggled all season to find consistency. Last week, veteran Kevon Looney acknowledged that Curry and Green shared messages for their teammates about looking inward and trying to play better. After Friday’s embarrassing performance, veteran Kent Bazemore said injured former All-Star Klay Thompson shared some frustrating thoughts with several teammates after the game.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow,” Bazemore said of the Warriors’ three central players. “We’re talking about – and Klay is there too, these guys have five consecutive Finals appearances. This is by no means acceptable to them. This hurts them more than anything. Klay fired up after And this has been the longest two years. Hard seeing his guys out there, without him being able to help. So I think a fire was lit under him, and Steph and Draymond, they know how important they are to us. “

For Thompson, the loss was even harder to watch given that he is currently in rehab from an Achilles tendon injury that has forced him to miss his second straight season. Bazemore said Thompson’s message to some teammates was simple on point.

“He was just talking about how the game was lost and that losing like this is not acceptable,” Bazemore said. “He’s excited, man. Hard to watch, regardless of whether you’re playing or not.”

The good news for the Warriors is that Curry is expected to return Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks. Green’s status remains unclear given that he was initially expected to play on Friday, but after trying to warm up, he told the coaching staff that he couldn’t catch the ball with his left hand due to the finger injury. Green told Kerr he could play, but the veteran coach made the decision to have Green sit down.

As the Warriors wait for their stars to recover, they have a looming problem with the young center they hoped would help them this season. 20-year-old big man James Wiseman had another tough night against the Raptors, fighting on both ends of the court, which has been a constant theme since the All-Star break. Kerr said the Warriors would like to simplify parts of Wiseman’s game plan so he can regain his confidence.

“As a young player, a lot of guys try to do too much,” Kerr said. “I think that’s what’s going on with James right now. I think he’s a very talented guy, and he’s always been able to do what he wanted to do on the court, but in the NBA, the game happens so fast that you just have It all comes down to ‘let’s get good at the things I can be good at now and then my game will expand as we go along.’ And that’s what we’re trying to share with James and teach him.

“But the only way to learn that is by feeling it and him by feeling it. Then he will grow from here and we will stay positive with him, we will try to clear things up and keep things really simple and help him build his confidence during the last quarter of the season “.

While the Warriors hope to see more development in the stretch of the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 draft, they do so with a group that reached the lowest point of its season Friday night. Kerr is hopeful his team will bounce back after two losses in a row, but he also understands that each individual player has to find their own motivation to get things back on track before it’s too late.

“As a coach, you try to navigate the season with your team to the best of your ability,” Kerr said. “So there are times for humor, there are times for joy, there are times for serious discussion and examination of conscience. This is a time for examination of conscience for sure.”