Nastya Kamenskikh has once again caused controversy among fans. Some criticize the star for an overly provocative outfit, while others, on the contrary, admire the singer’s courage and attractiveness. On vacation in Mexico, the beloved of rapper Potap “accidentally” lit sexy lingerie, trying on a translucent mesh dress. The singer’s bow was complemented by a hat. Many agreed that the pop diva looked like a “cowboy” girlfriend in such a very original attire.

“Huh! Did you want to hide behind this rag? ”,“ Oh, like a cowboy’s girlfriend! ”,“ What are you caught in a fishing net? Little Mermaid “,” Again she shows her nut to everyone “,” Little rascal, such a hat suits you “,” You have to sit at home in such an outfit! They will steal you and give you out in marriage again ”,“ Beauty ”,“ Potap is there ?! To fend off envious men “,” Chic “,” Sexy Pexy “,” Yes, yes! Pretty “,” Pretty “, – the followers write.

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