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How to wear a long skirt if you are short? Here all the answers

Officially, a month has passed since the beginning of spring, so with this natural approach to summer, It is time to start the search for the skirt that will mark (or at least one of them) this season. Without a doubt, miniskirts have taken the catwalks and street style by storm, but always there is a skirt model that is not usually missing during this time, the maxi style.

Its comfort, boho style and carefree fluidity make it, even if it is not ‘fashionable’, a garment to wear during the warmer months and one of the skirts that look perfectly well at 40. Its extensive silhouette makes the maxi skirt a piece that its mere presence does not require large accessories to demand attention and that, despite how simple it can be, with the correct footwear it can elevate your look in no time.

If you are short you have surely heard or read that, in a matter of clothing, ‘you must stay away from everything that has the maxi prefix in front’. I hope you ignored this and, if not, that ends today, because of course if you are short you can wear long skirts or dresses (just as we have already learned to combine skirts with sweatshirts), you just have to know how to do it correctly and that is what we will show you with these XX tricks. Take note!

The correct length for your height

If you use the maxi skirt correctly, it can lengthen and stylize your petite figure. and become one of the most flattering and elegant pieces in your wardrobe. And the first step to achieve this is knowing which length is best for you. Some girls choose to wear them at the ankle, others prefer it to be flush with their feet. Although in the end everything depends a lot on the tastes and comfort of each person, the trick will be in the footwear you use: if you wear low shoes or sandals without heels, ankle skirts will be the answer; If you opt for heels, the ones that rub the ground (without crawling) will be the option. The ideal length is that the hem of the skirt is slightly above your heels, so that walking is not difficult for you. The length that you should avoid at all is above the ankles, because that will only make your legs look short and lose all the sense of wearing long skirts.

Asymmetric openings and hems

A smart way to counteract that maxi skirts look too big on you or that it is a lot of fabric for your body, is to wear garments with openings (front or side), since these will show part of the leg, especially while walking. The same effect you will achieve with the asymmetric hemlines, which works perfectly with skirts in solid colors or tighter. The so fashionable crossed or knotted skirts will also be a great option, as well as those with buttons (vertical detail) in the middle before reaching the final slit.

Colors and patterns

It does not matter if we are talking about pants, blouses or dresses, there are some basic tricks when choosing colors and patterns for short girls that do not fail, nor can they be avoided when we wear skirts. What would they be: dress in a monochromatic way, to create the illusion of length and make you look taller, since by using similar shades you will not break the uniformity; Avoid prints that are too large (the best would be if they were from the cuff of your hand) and horizontal stripes, instead go for vertical ones, which create a long and thin focal point that will naturally make you look taller. Horizontal stripes divert the view from one side to the other and can divide the body into sections, making your frame appear shorter than it is.

Don’t forget about the fabrics either

The long skirt is a piece, as we said, to wear especially during spring-summer, which already implicitly favors girls of short stature to wear clothes in cooler and more fluid fabrics, since those made with lace or fabrics more transparent (both in trend), in silk or linen, they will have less weight and you can see a little through them and enjoy that lengthening effect. Even fine knit skirts, very worn at the same time, are ideal for petite girls as they hug their silhouette in a natural way, unlike stiff, unflattering fabrics.

The trick you didn’t expect

Ratio is probably the most important concept when giving advice to short girls. And there are many ways to create a better proportion, but ultimately, it all comes down to a famous rule, ‘that of thirds’. This very useful law states that petite girls who wish to look taller should make their upper part look ⅓ all the way, and the lower part the remaining ⅔. Therefore, When you wear long skirts, your bottom is stretched due to the length of this garment, making it easy to create those ⅔. So you should make sure that your upper part does not represent more than ⅓ of your body. How do you do this? Wearing a crop top, for example, or a shirt that you wear inside and that allows your waist to be clearly marked.

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