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How to use rosemary for gray hair: prepare your natural dye

The health benefits of using rosemary have been historically recognized with traditional medicine. Although many are attributed to fighting diseases, there are also others that are of great help in beauty such as cHow to use rosemary for gray hair. So if you are already tired of resorting to dyes, today I will give you these options about how to darken hair naturally with rosemary. You will love them!

Rosemary benefits

According to the scientific publication of the Elsevier magazine, the rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) It is an aromatic plant used since ancient times as a condiment and medicinal issues.

Regarding its pharmacological activity, it is digestive and antispasmodic. Eliminates spasms and applied topically the essence of rosemary helps as an analgesic effect to relieve muscle and joint rheumatism.

As if this were not enough, rosemary is a great ally for the hair care as it leaves it healthier, stronger and brighter.

In other research of cosmetic application products and skin care proved that it is beneficial for hair health it stimulates growth.

And in a matter of hiding the canas, It is of great help because it qualifies them without the need to resort to traditional dyes. Keep reading about how to use rosemary for gray hair.

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How to darken hair naturally with rosemary

Another benefit of use rosemary on hair is that one of its properties is darken hair. That is why brown and dark hair with gray It qualifies them by making it fade the gray.

Here it is important that you take into account that the use rosemary for gray hair It must be a constant for you to notice the effect, it is not magical or its immediate effect to disappear them, it must be used weekly to achieve the desired effect.

How to use rosemary for gray hair

With rosemary oil

In your shampoo add 10 drops of rosemary oil and use it daily.

Another way to use the rosemary for gray hair It is to do it directly on the scalp and massaging the entire head for 15 minutes (so that the nuance in the color is even).

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As an infusion

How to naturally darken hair with rosemary? In a saucepan pour a liter of water. When it is boiling, add 7 sprigs of rosemary. Lower the heat and let it rest for 10 minutes. Later, apply it to the hair with a massage.

Wait 20 minutes for it to set in the hair and remove with cold water.

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Now that you know how to use rosemary to paint gray hairRemember that consistency and several sessions of repetition of these tips are required to give your caramel gray hair a beautiful tone.

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