How to turn your phone into a security camera

Sometimes it is surprising how many things you can turn your phone into. We recently explained how to turn it into a webcam, how to turn it into a modem, how to use it as a PC and now you will learn how to turn it into a security camera to monitor your home from a distance when you have to go out, or to see what your pets are doing in your absence.

The process is really simple, and you don’t need to spend a single penny to turn an Android phone or iPhone into a security camera, so almost any old smartphone can do the trick.

Step by step

The first thing you need is to download an application from the Play store or App Store called Camy, which is free and is one of the ones that works best for this purpose.

In addition to downloading Camy on the phone that you want to turn into a security camera, you must also download it on the device (s) from where you are going to monitor your home.

Using Camy is really simple, as you only need to select whether your phone will be the camera or the monitoring device. Later you will only have to access the phone that will be the IP camera by scanning a QR code.

My recommendation is that in addition to using a tripod, you also connect the phone that will function as a camera to the current, since Camy also gives you the option of receiving alerts to your cell phone when the camera detects movement.

Camy can be used without paying, but you will constantly see ads, although it also has a paid version that gives you motion alerts, HD quality in the videos, unlimited storage to save your videos in the cloud for 479 pesos a year. However, if you only want to remove the ads you can pay 180 pesos one time and you will not see them again.

But I repeat, the application can be used without problem with its free version, and you can enjoy functions such as night mode, take a screenshot or activate the microphone, so it is even a good option to keep an eye on pets when we are not there. at home.

Other options

Camy is one of the apps that I recommend because I have used it and I have not had a problem with it, but clearly there are other equally interesting options that could be to your liking.

Another recommendation is Alfred, although unlike Camy, here it is necessary to log in by logging in to our Google account or social networks. Otherwise, Alfred works very similar to Camy, and it also has a paid option to release more features.

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