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How to turn off your Windows computer with the keyboard

You go to the Windows start menu, click with the mouse on the window and click on the button with a circle with a line that is the “start / stop” button. There you can shut down your computer or restart it. But in addition to this process so well known to all, there are different ways that allow you to shut down your Windows-based computer with keyboard shortcuts.

F4: the most popular and fastest way

Press the Alt + F4 keys at the same time. The combination Alt + F4 is also used to close system and application windows so you have to have all the programs closed because if not, what you will do is close the tabs in which you are browsing. A window opens with a drop-down list of various options: log off, suspend, shut down, restart, or switch users. The first option is precisely to turn off, so you only have to press the “enter” key to fulfill this objective.

If your computer freezes and you want to turn it off

tasks on

If your PC freezes for any reason, you won’t be able to go to the start menu to shut it down or restart it. But there is a trick that is very popular that allows you to turn off your computer despite the mishap. You have to press three keys at the same time: Ctrl + Alt + Del. The blue screen goes on and you have several options. In order not to stop using your keyboard, what you have to do is go down with the keys until you reach the turn off circle.

If you want to use the mouse at this point on the blue screen, you can also do it (even if your computer was blocked before, now it would be possible to reuse your mouse). This is one of the Windows Task Manager utilities. By the way, you should know here that there is also a keyboard shortcut which helps you to reset your video drivers.

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As if you used the mouse: start button

Untitled Start 2

Your PC keyboard probably has a key with the typical four-square window of Windows. If so, click on it and the Start menu opens. To choose what you need, first you have to give it only once in TAB (the two arrows that look in different directions) and you will see that the first tab on the right at the top of the menu is marked. Scroll down to the shutdown circle, press enter, select the Shutdown option with the down arrow and press enter again.

Windows + X button


Again we must resort to the button in the Windows window but this time we must press it at the same time as the letter X. Many functions that you can do through this shortcut will appear. The first starting at the bottom is to go to the desktop and the second is shutting down or restarting the computer. Go up with the key to that function, press “Enter” and go to the right using the arrow to choose the option to turn off the PC.

Through the commands you can program when you want it to turn off

Command S

Windows commands are used to access many different tricks (some very beneficial and others that can cause problems on your PC) within Windows. In this case, press Windows + R and there you access a square in a pop-up window. On the line where you can write you must enter the word shutdown -s and then “enter” and it will simply turn off.

If you want to program what time you want the screen to turn off, you do the same process but the information that you have to enter is shutdown -s -t and a number that corresponds to the seconds that must elapse between the current time and the moment when your computer must turn off.

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