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How to scan and digitize documents with your Xiaomi’s own camera – Xiaomi News

The camera application that Xiaomi introduces in all its smartphones with MIUI has evolved enormously in recent years. Now we can not only activate themes and modify the sounds, but also scan documents from our Xiaomi without using third-party applications.

From the camera application itself we can scan all kinds of documents, certificates, letters or business cards. For it, Xiaomi has made use of artificial intelligence so that the scanned document is not only cropped by itself, but is also displayed in the best possible way.

And yes, all of it without the need to use third-party applications. Just by opening the camera application we can scan any document with our Xiaomi, which will be stored in the gallery and later we can go to PDF.

How to scan documents with your Xiaomi without using third-party applications

How to scan and digitize documents with your Xiaomi's own camera.  News Xiaomi Addicts

For scan documents with our Xiaomi We just have to open the camera and then carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to section «Plus»And then enter the«Documents«.
  2. After that we will only have to focus on the document to focus and the camera will do the rest.

Thanks to this MIUI camera mode we can scan documents automatically. In addition to cropping the document itself, this mode allows us to choose between whether we want to see it in its original format, in black and white or, instead, apply an improved filter so that its display is better.

Once you have scanned the document with our Xiaomi, this will be stored in the gallery. From the latter we can forward it, attach it to an email, print it or even transform it into PDF format, either alone or in combination of other documents.

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