How to renew your CDMX driver’s license in 2021 without leaving home

The Covid-19 pandemic has not slowed down, so the CDMX It is back on a red epidemiological traffic light, indicating that we should avoid leaving our homes unless it is strictly necessary.

What if I need to transfer in my vehicle, but my license has already expired? In conventional times, the easiest thing would be to go to a module of the Ministry of Mobility with the necessary documents for its renewal, but at the moment it is not possible.

However, the CDMX government launched a scheme of digital licenses that benefit all those drivers who are about to have to renew their license or, well, it recently expired, but need to obtain a new one to continue with their activities.

Thanks to the CDMX app, you can renew your driver’s license without leaving your home and here we will explain step by step how to carry out this procedure, as well as its cost and some details.

It is important to mention that, at the moment, this procedure is only available for type A driver licenses, but it is expected that other types will be added later to facilitate the process.

If your license is still valid, it can be transferred to its digital format completely free of charge and at the moment. In case your plastic is expired, you must make the payment of rights in bank or electronically.


The cost of a type A driver’s license in 2021 is 900 pesos. The type A motorcyclist license has a cost of 450 pesos.

If our license is valid, you must enter the CDMX App, select the digital card module and then press “add credential”.

We select the option “Driver’s license” and enter the license number that comes on the plastic.

To renew it digitally, the interested party must enter “CDMX key”, Insert your CURP, RFC and license number. Once this data is captured, it will give us the option to pay through the CDMX Government platform or go with a capture line to pay at an authorized establishment.

Once the fees have been paid, the user will be able to register their license in the application with the aforementioned steps.

It should be noted that this benefit is only for people who already have a driver’s license, since, to process a plastic for the first time, it is necessary to appear in the modules of the Ministry of Mobility.


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