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How to read QR codes on Android instantly and without installing applications

Reading a QR code on your mobile is an act that has become tremendously common with the pandemic. We often download an app for homework, but it’s not necessary: Android mobiles have a service integrated in Assistant with which it is possible to read the codes in seconds. And with a direct access it is even faster.

When was the last time you had to use your mobile to read a QR code? If we had asked you a couple of years ago, you might not even remember, but the most certain thing is that now that last moment is too close. Yes, QRs make it easy to place any order in establishments, all with the simplicity of pointing the mobile camera at any code. On Android it’s super simple.

Use the shortcut to Google Lens

Google Lens Qr

It is common to come across a QR code and go to the Google Play store in search of an app with which to read it. Just go to the Store and browse through the most popular applications: some dedicated to QR are usually in the top positions. All without any need since Android provides a native way with which to read the codes.

Two tricks to read QR codes on the iPhone quickly and easily

Google Lens is the Google application that allows recognize objects, buildings, translate and even solve math problems just by using the phone’s camera. And it also reads everything that a QR code hides: just open Lens to see what is hidden behind the image. In addition, there is a little trick to speed up access to Google Lens without having to install an application:

  • Open Google Assistant by saying ‘Ok Google’, swiping from the bottom corners of the phone or holding down the Home button.
Google Lens Qr
  • Scroll the shortcuts until the one for ‘Lens’ appears.
  • You will see that the phone’s camera opens. If you have never used Google Lens before, you will have to authorize its opening.
  • Click on the three upper menu points and then on ‘Add to home screen‘.
Google Lens Qr

From this moment you will have a direct access to Google Lens on the desktop of your phone. What do you want to read a QR code? You just have to click on the icon and you’re done: the scanner will automatically open and Lens will discover what the code hides by tapping on it on the screen.

You can read the information, click on the link, add the contact or connect to the WiFi, everything will depend on what has been encoded in the QR image.

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